Add a shape to your report to add emphasis to your presentation.

To edit cards, select Edit to open your page in designer mode.  

Select Save to save as a draft, or Publish to publish the page. 

To add a shape:

  1. On the Cards panel, double-click the Shape tile, or drag and drop the tile on your page. 
  2. On the Overview tab, you can enter a Title and Description, choose a Title color, and Link to a page.
  3. On the Shape tab, choose a Shape. For example, Oval, Rectangle, or Arrow.
  4. On the Format tab, you can:
    • Toggle Lock aspect ratio right to scale height and width equally when you resize your shape.
    • Choose a Background color. 
    • Choose a Border style, Border width, Border radius, and Border color

You can change the size and position of shapes on your page: 

  • To reposition, drag and drop the shape. 
  • To resize, select the shape and drag to your desired size. Alternatively, on the Format tab, select Shape options, and enter a Height and Width.
  • To rotate, select your shape and drag the anchor. 

When you rotate a shape, the card title also rotates. If you save your shape to the card template library, the rotation is not applied to the template.