Add a shape to your report to add emphasis to your presentation.

You must open your page in designer mode. Select Edit this page

You can save your work at any time. Select Save to save as a draft. When you're ready to publish, select Publish.

To add a shape:

  1. On the Cards panel, double-click the Shape tile, or drag and drop the tile on your page. 
  2. On the Overview tab, you can enter a Title and Description, choose a Title color, and Link to a page.
  3. On the Shape tab, choose a Shape. For example, Oval, Rectangle, or Arrow.
  4. On the Format tab, you can:
    • Toggle Lock aspect ratio right to scale height and width equally when you resize your shape.
    • Choose a Background color. 
    • Choose a Border style, Border width, Border radius, and Border color

You can change the size and position of shapes on your page: 

  • To reposition, drag and drop the shape. 
  • To resize, select the shape and drag to your desired size. Alternatively, on the Format tab, select Shape options, and enter a Height and Width.
  • To rotate, select your shape and drag the anchor. 

When you rotate a shape, the card title also rotates. If you save your shape to the card template library, the rotation is not applied to the template.