Use a map card to display geographical data from multiple source modules. Each module can be a different data layer to apply to your map. Map cards can display differences between markets, and highlight key values to help with decisions and insights. You form a map with either a Marker or Territory layer.

The data for a map card must include coordinates for latitude and longitude or have dimensions from a list of specific regions and codes that match Anaplan’s map definitions.

User Experience: See Geo-map downloads for the Map Box files. The file contains the standard subdivisions and their respective regional codes. You can also download country-specific postal or zip code files. Contact your Anaplan representative for file access.

Classic: We recommend you use Map Box, but if you still prefer Classic, Download map chart regions and codes for use with map charts. 

  1. Once you've downloaded the map regions and codes, create appropriate lists, and import the relevant file with the region codes.
  2. Create a module using your regions list.
  3. Pivot the grid to place regions on rows and line items on columns.

Also see the Anaplan Geo-map training for specifics on lists, module, and line item setups.

To edit cards, select Edit to open your page in designer mode.  

Select Save to save as a draft, or Publish to publish the page. 

Select Configure map on a new card, or hover over your card, and select Edit .