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  6. Create a primary grid from a custom view

The primary grid on a worksheet should contain the data that is most relevant to your users' needs. You can create a primary grid using a custom view of the data in a module.

There are three steps to creating a primary grid from a custom view:

  1. Select the source module.
  2. Design the view.
  3. Preview primary grid, set hierarchy filters, and publish.

1. Select the source module

  1. Open the worksheet in designer mode, or create a new worksheet.
  2. Click Configure grid, under the grid icon, in the center of the screen.
    The Select primary grid dialog displays.
  3. In the Select data source panel on the left, ensure the Custom views tab is selected.
    The list of available modules displays.
  4. Select a module from the list.
    A preview displays in the center of the dialog.
Select primary grid dialog. Custom views is selected in the left panel. The module selected in Custom Views displays in the center screen.

2. Design the view

  1. Click these icons to customize the primary grid. The functionality represented by these icons enables you to:
The icons for: pivot, filter, sort, show/hide, total positions, and conditional formatting. They are numbered one to six respectively, corresponding to the bulleted list after this image.
    • Pivot (1), to change the dimensions applied to rows, columns and context selectors
    • Filter (2), to change the values displayed for line items in your grid
    • Sort (3), to arrange your data in ascending or descending order
    • Show / Hide (4), to choose which dimension items you want to display
    • Totals Position (5), to change where totals and summaries display on the grid
    • Conditional Formatting (6), to apply formatting to cells in your grid based on specified criteria
  1. When you finish customizing your view, click Next.

3. Preview primary grid, select hierarchy filters, and publish

  1. Preview the primary grid on the right of the screen and ensure it is correct. 
  2. If you need to make a change, click Back, and modify the data view further.
  3. Where applicable, you can toggle the switches under Rows and Columns in the left panel to enable hierarchy filters for the worksheet.
  4. Click Update to complete the primary grid customization.
  5. Click Publish, in the top-right, to publish the custom view to the worksheet.