Grids are interactive components that display data from Anaplan models.

On a board, data is displayed in a grid card. A user can enter data in a grid card if you enable this permission.

A grid card displays on the top of a board page, with two charts beneath it.

In a worksheet, the main grid displays in the center of the page, and grid cards display in the Insights panel. A user can enter data in a grid if you enable this permission.

Two grids display on a worksheet page. One is the primary grid, occupying most of the screen, and a smaller  grid card displays in Additional insights.

Editable cells display purple text on a white background. 

Read-only cells contain black text on a gray background.

Editable cells with purple text, and read-only cells with black text.

Both page builders and end users can:

Hierarchy selections and filters are set in the page context.

Learn more about how customizations apply when you pivot a grid.

You can adjust the column width for both main grids and grid cards. The depth of rows in any kind of grid cannot be adjusted.