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  4. Worksheet pages
  5. Add cards to a worksheet
  6. Add a field card to a worksheet

Add a field card to a worksheet to focus the attention of users on a selected field or fields. Fields are linked to line items and enable users to edit the data value of the line item.

When a user enters a new value, the change is reflected in related fields in the grid, in any related cards in the worksheet, and throughout the model.

To add a field card:

  1. Open your worksheet in designer mode.
  2. In the Insights panel, under Add cards to this page, Click Configure.
    If the worksheet already contains cards, the Configure button will not display. In this case, click the cog icon to the right of the Additional insights heading.
    The Cards panel displays on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. In the Cards panel, double-click the Field tile, or drag it into a Drag here to re-order or add more cards section.
    The field card displays in the Additional insights section of the Insights panel.
  4. Click Configure field on the field card.
    The Card designer dialog displays.
  5. Optionally:
    • In the Title field, enter a title.
      A default title generates from the name of the view, but you can overwrite it.
    • In the Description field, enter a description of the card.
      The description displays in a tooltip when you hover your cursor over the icon in the top-left of the card.
    • In the Link to a page drop-down menu, select a page to link from the grid card's title.
      When you publish the page, the card Title links to the selected page.
    • Toggle Horizontal layout right to make fields display side by side instead of above each other.
      If there is not enough horizontal space for all fields, they display horizontally over multiple lines.
    • Configure context selectors.
  6. Select a module from the Choose module drop-down menu.
    Editable line items from that module display under the Line items heading.
  7. Toggle on the line items you want users to be able to edit.
    The field or fields selected display in the preview and context selectors display in the top right of the dialog.
    Optionally, configure the input fields.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Click Publish to save the field card to the worksheet.