Add a field card to a page to focus the attention of users on a selected field or fields. Fields are linked to line items and enable users to edit the data value of the line item.

When a user enters a new value, the change is reflected in related fields in the grid, in any related cards on the page, and throughout the model.

You can add a field card to a board page or a worksheet page.

To add or edit a card:

  1. Select Edit this page in the toolbar to open your page in designer mode.
  2. Optionally, add a new card.
    Read how to add a card to a board, worksheet, or report.
  3. Select the Configure button on a new card, or hover over your card and select the pencil icon .

To configure the field card:

  1. Click Configure field on the field card.
    The Card configuration panel displays on the right-hand side.
  2. Optionally, in the Overview tab:
    • In the Title field, enter a title.
    • In the Description field, enter a description of the card.
      The description displays in a tooltip when you hover your cursor over the icon in the top-left of the card.
    • In the Link to a page drop-down menu, select a page to link from the grid card's title.
      When you publish the page, the card Title links to the selected page.
    • Toggle Horizontal layout right to make fields display side by side instead of above each other.
      If there is not enough horizontal space for all fields, they display horizontally over multiple lines.
  3. Select a module from the Choose module drop-down menu.
    Editable line items from that module display under the Line items heading.
  4. Toggle on the line items you want users to be able to edit.
    Selected fields are configured in the Fields tab. Context selectors are configured in the Context tab.
  5. Optionally, In the Fields tab:
    • Label the individual fields that are displayed on the card. The default label is the list item name.
    • Set the number of visible line text lines, in the case of a text-type field. You can display up to 15 lines of text in the field. Any excess lines will be scrollable.
  6. In the Context tab configure context selectors.
  7. Click Add.

To position your card and publish it:

  1. Optionally, drag and drop your card to where you want it to display.
    To drag and drop, select the drag handle in the center of the top of a card.
    • On worksheets, drag your cards within the Additional insights panel.
    • On boards, size and arrange your cards in rows and columns.
    • On reports, freely arrange your cards on report slides.
  2. To save your changes, select Publish.
    You can save the page as a draft if you're not yet ready to publish.


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