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  3. Pages
  4. Build with cards
  5. Card types
  6. Configure a text card

Use a text card to add text to a page.

This is useful for providing end users with information to contextualize their data. For example, you could describe grid dimensions, or explain the significance of the cards displayed in the Additional insights panel of a worksheet page.

To add or edit a card:

  1. Click Edit this page in the toolbar to open your page in designer mode.
  2. Optionally, add a new card.
    Read how to add a card to a board or a worksheet.
  3. Click the Configure button on a new card, or hover over your card and click .
In a worksheet, the additional insights panel displays and, to the right, the available card configuration options

To configure the text card:

  1. Optionally, in the Overview tab of the Card configuration panel:
    • enter a title in the Title field.
      A default title generates from the name of the view, but you can change it.
    • enter a description of the card in the Description field.
      The text you enter displays when you hover your cursor pointer over on the published card.
    • link the grid card's title to a page from the Link to a page dropdown menu.
      When the page is published, the title is hyperlinked to the page you select.
    • Enter your text in the Body text field. Once published, this text displays on the text card, as written.
    • toggle Display card background to display the card background or to remove it.
  2. Optionally, in the Text tab, enter your text and then format the style, alignment and color of the text in your text card:
    • Select a text style from the Style drop-down list to format the text as: Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Normal, or Instructions.
    • Select how you want to align the text from the Alignment dropdown list.
    • Select a color for the text from the Color dropdown list.
The right-hand configuration panel displays the configuration options for a text card

To position your card and publish it:

  1. Optionally, drag and drop your card to where you want it to display.
    • On worksheet pages, the Additional insights panel contains your cards.
    • On board pages, size and arrange your cards in rows and columns.
  2. When you're ready, save the page as a draft or click Publish.