1. Modeling
  2. Control user access
  3. Add users to a workspace

Workspace administrators can add users to a workspace to enable them to view and edit model data.

If you have a number of new user accounts to create, you can create a .csv file that contains the necessary information, then import it into Anaplan. Learn how to import a list of users.

What happens when I add a new user?

New users are added to all models in the workspace, but only receive access to the initial model to which they’re added. For any other models in the workspace, the user is assigned the No Access role.

If you want to grant access to other models, you can change the user role(opens external page) for any model from the Users pane in that model.

By default, the user is assigned the tenant to which the current workspace belongs.

When you add a new user to a workspace, they receive an email notification that tells them which Anaplan workspace they've been added to. The email contains a link to the workspace so they can log in.

The new user is available in the Users list in models to which they have access.

Note: If you designate a new user as a workspace administrator, they have Full Access to all models. To limit this access, open the models to which you do not want the new user to have Full Access, and manually change their role.

A 60-character limit is imposed on the Name field when you add a user (60 characters includes white spaces).

Manually add a user

To manually add a user to a workspace:

  1. In the model to which you want to add the user, navigate to Model Settings > Users tab.
  2. Click Add User.
    The Add User dialog displays.
  3. Enter the new user's email address, first name, and last name into the relevant fields.
  4. Select the workspace administrator check box if you want the user to be a workspace administrator.
  5. Select the Authentication with Single Sign-On check box to make the user have to sign in with single sign-on.
    Deselect Authentication with Single Sign-On to make it so that the user can either sign in with their Anaplan username and password, or with single sign-on.
  6. Select a Role for the user.
    By default, new users have the Full Access role for the model to which you add them.
  7. Click OK.
    The user is added to the workspace and displays in the Users list of the model to which you've granted them access.