Workspace administrators can add users to a workspace to enable them to view and edit model data.

Note that you can manage user access to workspaces in three ways:

  • A user administrator can create users and assign them to, or unassign them from, a workspace in the Administration console.
  • A workspace administrator can add or remove users from the Users pane in a model.
  • A workspace administrator can import a list of users to add users and update user details.

If a user administrator and workspace administrator input conflicting changes for a user, the most recent transaction determines the user account status. 

To avoid user status conflicts, we recommend that your organization use the user administrator role to provision user access. Workspace administrators can then refine model-level access from the Users pane within a model.

This procedure is for workspace administrators who want to add new users to a workspace. Learn how to import a list of users or provision user access from the Administration console.

When you add a user to a workspace from within a model you determine their level of model access for that model.

However, when you add a user to a workspace from a model, you add them to all models in that workspace. 

Note: Workspace administrators have Full Access to the other models by default, even if you select the No Access role for them in the current model. Other users have No Access to other models by default, regardless of which role you select for the current model. 

To change the workspace access for the user, go into each model individually and change their model role.

When you add a new user to a workspace from a model, an email notification tells them the workspace to which they've been added. The email contains a link to the workspace so they can log in.

To add a user to a workspace from a model:

  1. In the model to which you want to add the user, navigate to the Users tab of the Users pane.
  2. Click Add User.
    The Add User dialog displays.
  3. Enter the new user's email address, first name, and last name into the relevant fields.
    You can enter text up to 60 characters in each field. A warning displays if you exceed that limit.
  4. Optionally, select the workspace administrator checkbox to make them a workspace administrator.
  5. Select the Authentication with Single Sign-On checkbox to make the user have to sign in with single sign-on.
    Deselect Authentication with Single Sign-On to make it so that the user can either sign in with their Anaplan username and password, or with single sign-on.
  6. Select a Role for the user.
    By default, new users have the Full Access role for the model to which you add them.
  7. Click OK.
    The user is added to the workspace and displays in the Users list of the model.