As a workspace administrator you can organize a model's Contents via model roles so that the modules, dashboards, and views that display for each role are relevant to that role's needs.

By default, model Contents displays links to all the modules, dashboards, and views a user can access. For a user with the Full Access role, this can be a lot of content.

To help users find and work with the data they need, it's best to:

  1. Create model roles based on business functions with common data needs.
  2. Build modules and dashboards that align to the needs of the model roles.
  3. Assign access permissions and landing dashboards to model roles.
  4. Organize the model Contents by role.

If you build your modules and dashboards with model roles in mind, this will help you tailor your users' experience when you organize the model Contents for each role. You can then select content to display in the Contents panel by model role and choose whether new content automatically shows in Contents.

You can also group modules and dashboards by Functional Area to further organize model Contents for all users.

End users can only access modules and dashboards via Contents. Workspace administrators can access any modules and dashboards available to their role. A workspace administrator can also change their model role to one with different access. 

You can prepare a dashboard for end users that displays only the data that they need. The user's model role must have access to the modules that contain the data the dashboard displays. However, you can tailor model Contents so users with that role only interact with the dashboard.

A workspace administrator can still access a module through the Modules pane, even if it does not display in Contents. However, if you select only the most relevant items to display in Contents, it's easier for the administrator to find and focus on data relevant to their tasks.

If a workspace administrator enables Show hidden content, a user can choose to enable content that the workspace administrator has hidden from the Contents panel. The feature reveals Content items deselected in the Contents pane for their role.

When a user enables Show hidden content, the Contents panel displays only modules and dashboards for which their role has access.