Within a model, workspace administrators set access permissions for model roles. They can limit access to secure your data and give end users access to some features that would otherwise be unavailable.

User administrators provision access to workspaces via the Administration console, and workspace administrators can add users to a workspace from the Users pane in a model.

Within a model, any workspace administrator can choose another user as a workspace administrator and further refine access via model roles.

Only workspace administrators can access the Model management dialog and organize models within the workspace via the dialog's features.

Within a model, only workspace administrators can access these model settings:

  • Time
  • Versions
  • General Lists
  • Modules
  • Line Item Subsets
  • Users
  • Actions
  • Source Models
  • Revision tags
  • History
  • Contents
  • Dashboards
  • Data tags

Within a module, only workspace administrators can:

  • Save, edit, or publish module views
  • Insert, delete, or move versions
  • Insert, delete, or move line items

All users with access to a model can view model Contents and navigate from there to any modules or dashboards to which their model role has access.

End users have read-only access to Blueprint and formulas.

All other module features are available to any user with access to the module.

The main way that workspace administrators can assign access permissions is via model roles.

The model roles Full Access and No Access are always available to select. Users with No Access display in the Users pane, and may have access to other models in the workspace, but aren't available to select in from the Users list elsewhere in the model. For example, where you format a line item with the Users list.

End users with Full Access can view and amend less in the model than workspace administrators. However, they can still access all models and dashboards via the Contents panel.

Workspace administrators can add additional model roles, define the permissions, and assign users to these roles. 

Workspace administrators can assign role-based access to enable users to:

Workspace administrators can also use Selective Access and dynamic cell access to refine further access to data within a model.