1. Extensions
  2. Google Sheets Add-on

Use the Anaplan Google Sheets Add-on to create a connection between an Anaplan module and a Google worksheet. This enables you to work with your Anaplan data in Google Sheets.

Self Service SAML must be configured in order to sign in to the Google Sheets Add-on with SSO. Talk to your tenant administrator to confirm if Self Service SAML is configured.

If Self Service SAML is not configured, sign in with your Anaplan email address and password.

The Google Sheets Add-on is part of your Anaplan subscription. No additional subscription is required.

When you create a connection, any data it contains is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. As a result, data in your connections may be located in a different jurisdiction to your Anaplan data.

Connect Google Sheets to Anaplan

When you create a connection, you can choose whether the connection is read-only or read-write.

Read-only connections enable you to work with your Anaplan data in Google Sheets without updating the data in your Anaplan model.

Read-write connections enable you to update data in your Anaplan model through Google Sheets.

Once you've created a connection, you can view, and edit the data in Google Sheets. You can also perform calculations using Google Sheets formulas.

When you create a connection, you become the connection owner for the spreadsheet. Only the connection owner can use the add-on in that spreadsheet. If you are not the connection owner, you can still view and edit the data using Google Sheets, but you must contact the connection owner to:

Alternatively, create a new spreadsheet and a new connection. Then, as the connection owner, you can use all of the features of the add-on: