Workspace administrators use Workflow to monitor the addition of data to lists in Anaplan. With Workflow, you can track all list activity and communicate with other users who have access to the list.

Note: This functionality is not available in Polaris. Polaris is currently in early access and is only available to some users.

You can only enable Workflow for a list at the lowest level in a composite hierarchy

To enable Workflow, select Has Workflow for your list in General Lists , or select Workflow Enabled? in your list's Configure tab. Workflow appears as an icon in the bar at the top of the screen if a list you have access to uses Workflow.

Workflow statuses include Not Started, In Progress, and Complete. When you enter data into a list in a module or dashboard, the status automatically moves from Not Started to In Progress. You can also change statuses manually in Workflow .

Select Complete to manually move a list item's status from In Progress to Complete. All data in the Complete status locks by default. When you complete a parent list item, its child list items also move to Complete.

If you want to reset a workflow, change all list items to Not Started. This deletes all history related to the workflow in your model's history.

Workflow and Selective Access

You can use Workflow with Selective Access to control access to lists on a user-by-user basis. If a list uses Selective Access, only users with Write access can both view and amend the list or list item data.

Communicate with users

If you want to discuss information that relates to a workflow, you can send an email to users.

To email an individual user, select an item in Workflow , then select a user in the dropdown to the right of the list item name. To email all users with Write access to a list item, select the item, then select Mail To. Choose the workflow statuses and users you want to email in the Email Form dialog.

If you want to send a message to all users, for example, to remind users of an upcoming deadline, type in the <Here> field at the top of the Workflow screen. The message appears to users when they next log in to the model.


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