Workspace administrators can use the Source models pane to change the source of a model-to-model import from one model to another. You can also use this pane to remove a source from an import.

Select the Source models icon in model settings to view, change, or remove sources from a model-to-model import.

Source models grid

The Source models grid has four columns:

  • The first column displays the workspace and source model to which imports in the current model were originally mapped.
  • The Sources column displays the number of import data sources mapped to each source model.
    Each import data source defines how source dimensions and items map to target dimensions and items.
  • The Imports column displays the number of imports that are mapped to each source model.
  • Where an import has been remapped, the Mapped to column displays the location of the current source model.

The Mapped to column only displays a value if the source has been remapped to a different location. The column is blank if:

  • The model-to-model imports for that source model are still mapped to the original location.
  • The source to which the imports were remapped has been removed.

If the original source is unavailable, and the Mapped to column is blank, you must add a new source to run the imports.

If the source to which imports were remapped is archived, the source still displays in the Mapped to column. To run the imports, either unarchive the currently mapped source or select Edit Mapping to change the source.


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