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  5. Card types
  6. Configure a presentation table

Use a presentation table in your report pages to display tabulated data.

The presentation table presents your tabular data on a report page such as a profit and loss statement or balance sheet. The presentation table displays up to 300 rows and up to 50 columns. To show large grids, link to a board or worksheet. When you add a presentation table to a report, the number of columns is fixed at the time of creation and does not change afterwards.

To add or edit a card:

  1. Select Edit this page in the toolbar to open your page in designer mode.
  2. Optionally, add a new card.
    Read how to add a card to a board, worksheet or report.
  3. Select the Configure button on a new card, or hover over your card and select .

To configure a presentation table card:

  1. In the Overview tab of the Card configuration panel, select a View to use as the data source for your card, then press Update
    The data displays in the card.
  2. Optionally:
    • Enter a title in the Title field.
      A default title generates from the name of the view, but you can change it.
    • Enter a description of the card in the Description field.
      The text you enter displays when you hover your cursor pointer over on the published card.
    • Link the grid card's title to a page from the Link to a page dropdown menu.
      When the page is published, the title is hyperlinked to the page you select.
  3. Optionally, in the Grid tab, select a Row height.
  4. Optionally, in the Format tab, apply a theme to your presentation table.
  5. Optionally, in the Context tab, configure each context dimension:
    • Toggle Sync with page.
      Uncheck Sync with page to enable context selection for the card.
    • Select a value from the dropdown to set a context for the card.

To position your card and publish it:

  1. Optionally, drag and drop your card to where you want it to display.
    • On worksheet pages, the Additional insights panel contains your cards.
    • On board pages, size and arrange your cards in rows and columns.
    • On report pages, freely arrange your cards on report slides.
  2. To save your changes, select Publish.
    You can save the page as a draft if you're not yet ready to publish.