1. Data integration
  2. Anaplan data integration tools
  3. CloudWorks
  4. Edit integration schedule

You must have an integration schedule already set up to use this procedure.

You edit your integration schedule, to revise the timing for integration runs. To edit an integration schedule:

  1. Click an integration from your list.
  2. From the inspector on the right click the ellipse (...)
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Complete the dialog entries. Revise the entries you want to change.
    • Edit Schedule name 
    • Use the dropdowns to edit:
        • Time zone
        • Trigger frequency
        • Repetition frequency
    • Enter Execute from time (24h) (the start time of your run)
    • Enter Execute to time (24h) (the end time of your run)
    • Enter Days of week (Monday through Sunday)
    • Enter Start date 
    • Enter End date (End date must occur after Start date)
Edit an integration schedule.
  1. Click Save.



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