You must have an integration schedule already set up to use this procedure.

You edit your integration schedule to revise the timing for integration runs. To edit an integration schedule:

  1. Select an integration from your list.
  2. Select the Schedule tab from the inspector on the right.
  3.  Select the ellipse (...)
  4. Select Edit from the dropdown.
  5. Revise the schedule entries.
    • Edit Schedule name (limited to 128 letters, hyphens, underscores, or spaces).
    • Time zone (select from dropdown).
    • Trigger frequency (select from dropdown).
      • If you choose hourly:
        • Set the hours in the Repeat every dropdown.
        • Set the Start time.
        • Set the End time (this determines when the integration run no longer repeats).
    • Days of week (Monday through Sunday)
    • Start date 
    • End date (End date must occur after Start date)
    • Execute at time (24h) in the time format HH:MM (17:50 for example)
Dialog to edit a schedule. This shows field entries and dropdown menus.
  1. Select Save.

You see other dropdowns based on the interval you select as your Trigger frequency. If you select Weekly you specify the Days of the week, Start date, and End date, for example.