Configure a process to combine import, export, or delete actions into a single run.
Your process cannot include the Optimizer service.

If your integration export is from a model list that has Selective Access enabled:

  •  Make sure that your workspace administrator has granted the list Internal (Full Access).
  •   Internal (Full Access) is a type of Selective Access that represents integration service. 

To configure a process:

New integration and process drop-down menu.
  1. Select Integrations & Processes from the left menu.
  2. Select New integration / process on the right.  
  3. Select Process from the dropdown. 
  4. Complete the dialog entries:
    • Enter a Name, and select your Workspace, Model, and Action from the drop-down menus.
      Use a unique name of up to 60 characters that starts and ends with a letter or number. Letters used must be in the Latin alphabet . You can include spaces, hyphens (-), and underscores (_), but no other special characters.
  5. Select a connection from the Connection column for each process action.
  6. Select the Data source (per import) or target (per export) for each process action.
    • To overwrite the download file from a previous export, check Overwrite file (to the right of the row). 
      Note: If your process only contains a model-to-model import, the columns Connection and Data source or target will appear blank. This is because there's no cloud connection, source, or target required.
  7. Select Create to accept and apply your settings for your new process.
New process dialog. This example shows Google Big Query, with an export included.

If your process is configured with Google BigQuery (GBQ) as your cloud source, and your process includes an export:

  • Data types need to match
  • Map the Anaplan and BigQuery fields (see GBQ Integrate).
  • Select Add to start the mapping process.
  • Select the box (right) to delete current data and upload new.
  • A Mapping dialog displays. 
Mapping dialog for BigQuery where an export is part of the load.

Green check marks display between the Anaplan and BigQuery columns.  This indicates the fields are mapped correctly. 

  • Select Test to verify the mapped fields. Or use the dropdowns to map them.
  • Select Create. When completed, the next screen will display Mapped, to the right.

A message displays: Process Integration saved successfully