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Should you use a board or a worksheet for this app? What's the difference? This article clearly shows the different purposes of each type of page.

Having produced your design, you now need to decide whether your page is better suited to worksheet or a board. How do you know?  Our designers have come up with a quick analysis of the two, with some examples of each.


Boards are the most visual way of presenting data to users. Their purpose is to provide high-level information at a glance. Key metrics that guide your users to the next action they need to take. 

There are a range of cards you can add to a board, including: text, image, chart, KPI, action, map or even a grid card (despite a grid being the main component of a worksheet). Each card has been designed to provide a particular type of information for your users. 

Is your app an inventory app? Use an image card to provide an image of each product so there’s no confusion. Is your app tracking sales performance? Use a chart card to see instantly which areas are performing best.

Link cards. It’s a really good way of enabling your users to jump to more detailed data on other pages.  Give them editable fields on cards so they can enter values and judge the effect of the change. That’s where planning really starts to happen.

Of course, boards can’t be great at everything. And they’re not. They’re not good for displaying large grids. You can use a grid card, on a board, to display a small grid but large grids are better represented on a worksheet. 


Worksheets, as their name suggests, are where the real work happens. This is where you display large volumes of data for analysis and editing. Worksheets are where your analysts will drill down and examine the detail — the most granular level of the data. This is where you see the power of the data.

The Insights panel, to the right of the grid, provides the opportunity to add cards and quick links to other pages. If you update the data in the grid on a worksheet, the results display in the cards in the panel. See the impact of making a change, small or significant, immediately.