The contents displays the modules, dashboards, and views that you have access to.

Navigate the Contents

Select Contents to open the model contents.

Modules, dashboards, and views display in functional areas. Expand () or collapse () a functional area to view or hide its contents. Select a model component to open it as a tab. Alternatively, hover your mouse over a functional area name, then select Open all to open its contents.

If a workspace administrator has assigned a landing dashboard to your role, select Home to open the landing dashboard.

Select Help to open help resources for model contents.

Search in the Contents

You can search for modules, dashboards, and views in the contents. Type a search term in the entry field next to . The results display objects that match your search criteria.

Note: You cannot search by functional area name.

Show hidden content

Select the Show hidden content toggle to view hidden content that you have access to in the contents. Workspace administrators enable the Show hidden content toggle for your role.

Organize Contents by model role

Workspace administrators can organize a model's contents by role, so that the modules, dashboards, and views that display for each role are relevant to that role's needs.

Select Contents in the model settings bar to organize the contents for each model role. You can select the checkbox for any content that you want to display in the model Contents .


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