In worksheets, you can export data from the current view of a grid. This enables you to manipulate the data in another tool, or to upload the dataset into another system.

To export your grid data:

  1. Select on the top-right of the grid, or in the menu of a card.
  2. Select Export this view.
  3. In the Export view dialog, select the Format tab, and then a file format to export your data to.
    The available file types are:
    • Comma Separated Values (.csv)
    • Text (.txt)
    • Excel (.xls)
    • Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
    • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  4. Optionally:
    • Select Include empty rows.
    • In the Labels tab, select properties of each list from the model.
    • In the Items tab, select list-formatted line items for name and code.
  5. Select Export.

Once the export is complete, the file downloads to the location specified in your browser settings.