Use copy and paste to copy grid data from one location to another.

You can copy either a single cell, or multiple cells, and paste the data in another location. You can paste to:

  • The grid the data was copied from
  • A grid on a different page
  • A module
  • Outside of Anaplan

You can paste the value from a single cell into multiple cells. You can paste data into a maximum of 10,000 cells.

Alternatively, you can copy your selection across or down all cells.

If cells are breakback-enabled and held, you still overwrite those cells when you paste. If you paste into cells, breakback distribution applies to the other detail cells that you have not selected to hold.

To copy and paste data from a grid:

  1. Select the cell or cells to copy.
  2. Press Command + C or Ctrl + C.
  3. Select the cell or cells to paste the data to.
  4. Press Command + V or Ctrl + V.

You can paste into multiple editable cells. If you paste into Breakback summaries, any detail cells paste first and are held, while the difference to the pasted summary value distributes across the remaining detail cells in their existing proportions. If you paste with Enable paste into detail cells only enabled, only detail values paste and their summaries recalculate. Learn more about Breakback.

To enable paste into detail cells only, either:

  • Right-click in the grid, then in the popup menu, select Enable paste into detail cells only.
  • Press Command + Option + V or Ctrl + Alt + V.

With Enable paste into detail cells only enabled, a message displays in a banner under the toolbar. Select Paste to paste only the detail cells, so summaries recalculate.

To deactivate Paste into detail cells only, follow any of these steps:

  • Right-click in the grid, and select Disable paste into detail cells only
  • In the toolbar, click Exit mode.
  • Press Command + Option + V or Ctrl + Alt + V.
  • Navigate away from the page.

The message under the toolbar no longer displays.