You can pivot the grid on a worksheet or a grid card on a board to rearrange your data and identify insights.

If you pivot a grid, it removes all grid customizations except conditional formatting.

The page builder who designs a page determines whether you can pivot the grid. 

To pivot a grid card:

  1. Hover over your grid card and select Pivot .
  2. On the Pivot data panel, drag and drop dimensions to the required Context selector, Column, or Row.
    You can also swap two dimensions. Drag one dimension over another and drop it when the dimension outline changes color. 
    If the Column or Row section contains multiple dimensions, they are nested on the worksheet. Dimensions at the top of a section occupy the outermost position on a grid, and those at the bottom of a section occupy the innermost position on a grid.
  3. Select Update.
    Changes to your pivot configuration display on the grid card.
  4. Select Close to close the Pivot data panel.

Your pivot configuration is remembered by your browser, until you reset the pivot, or your page builder modifies the underlying view.

To reset a card, select Pivot , then select Reset pivot on the Pivot data panel. 

To reset all cards on your page to the default options set by the page builder, select Page options > Reset page. On the Reset this page? dialog, select Reset.