Use cell history to view the changes made to data in a grid. You can view changes made to data for the whole grid or for specific cells in a grid, over a selected period of time.

Note: You can also view the cell history for cells in a grid view of a module or dashboard within a model.

This procedure is to view the history of selected cell value data. Workspace administrators can view the history of all model changes in the History pane of the model. From the History pane you can restore the model to an earlier state.

To show cell history:

  1. Navigate to a grid view in a module or dashboard, or a grid on a board or worksheet in the User Experience.
  2. Select a cell or a range of consecutive cells.
    To select all the cells in a column or row, select the header for that column or row.
    To select all cells in a module view, select the space between row and column headers in the top left.
  3. In the grid, right-click to display the context menu.
    On a worksheet you can also select Cell history in the toolbar. This displays a selection of time ranges and you can move to step 5.
  4. Hover your cursor over Show history.
    A selection of time ranges displays.
  5. Choose the time range of data changes you want to view, from either:
    • Last 24 hours
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 days
    • All
      If you select All for a large model, this may take some time. The History dialog displays up to 1000 data changes made to the cell or cells over your selected time range.
    • Date range

You can only view up to 1000 cell data changes in the History dialog. If the number of changes are more than 1000, only the most recent 1000 changes display. To see all the changes, select Export to download the full list as a text (.txt) file.

Note: If a Breakback change to a lower-level item in a list hierarchy affects cell data for a higher-level item, the change only displays in the cell history for the lower-level item.