If granted access by a page builder, you can add data to cells in a grid, and edit the data in cells.

Editable cells contain purple text on a white background. Read-only cells contain dark gray text on a lighter gray background.

A worksheet with the grid highlighted. It displays both editable cells with purple text and read-only cells with grey text.

Cells display in:

  • the primary grid on a worksheet
  • grid cards in the Insights panel of a worksheet
  • grid cards on boards, and
  • the summary and formula value grids in Drill down panels

The values of number-, list-, date-, and Boolean-formatted line items are editable.

Cells that contain summary totals or formulas are read-only and you cannot edit them.

Any data you edit immediately updates in the source model.

To enter data in a worksheet:

  1. Click the cell you want to edit.
  2. Enter a new value.
    You can press the Escape key to cancel your data entry.
  3. Press the Enter key or navigate away from the cell to update the cell.
    A green checkmark displays briefly in the center of the cell, to confirm the addition of your data.

If you update a cell in error, you can undo the update. Use the default keyboard shortcut for undo on your operating system:

  • Ctrl-Z for Windows; or
  • Cmd-Z for macOS. 

Alternatively, workspace administrators can restore a model to a historical ID.