When you view a worksheet, you can choose what items show on rows and columns. This is useful when you only need to view certain line items for data analysis. Not showing an item will effectively hide it.

You cannot select items to show on an axis that has hierarchy filters applied to it.

In a nested axis with filters applied, you cannot select which items to show. In this case, a warning message displays in the Show / Hide panel.

To select items to show on a worksheet:

  1. Navigate to the worksheet where you want to select items to show on rows or columns.
  2. Click on the right of worksheet toolbar.
    A dropdown displays. It contains the names of the dimensions displaying on rows and columns, and options to Show all columns or Show all rows.
A worksheet named Account Targets FY19. The Show / Hide icon, an eye, has been clicked in the top-right of the screen. A dropdown displays.
  1. Select the name of the dimension to show items for.
    The Show / Hide panel displays on the right of the screen.
    You can also choose to Show all columns or Show all rows.
  2. Under the Levels heading, select the hierarchy levels to show items for.
    The items under the Items heading update to reflect your selection.
  3. Under the Items heading, select the items to show on the worksheet.
    Type part of the name of an item into the Find... field to narrow down the list of items.
    You can also click Select all to select all items, or Reset to undo your selections.
  4. Click Apply.
    The selected items now display on the worksheet.

If you want to show all items on the worksheet, you can:

  • Click the Show / Hide button, then select Show all columns or Show all rows in the dropdown that displays.
  • Click Reset at the bottom of the Show / Hide panel, then Apply.