When you view a worksheet, you can choose what items show on rows and columns. This is useful when you only need to view certain line items for data analysis. Not showing an item will effectively hide it.

You cannot select items to show on an axis that has hierarchy filters applied to it.

In a nested axis with filters applied, you cannot select which items to show. In this case, a warning message displays in the Show / Hide panel.

To select items to show on a worksheet:

  1. Hover over the primary grid and select Show / Hide .
  2. Select the dimension. 
  3. On the Show / Hide panel:
    1. Select the Levels to display. 
    2. Select the Items you want to show.
      Enter text in the Find... box to filter items to show. 
  4. Select Apply.

To show all items on your worksheet, select Show / Hide , then select Show all columns or Show all rows.

If your worksheet shows a limited set of line items, select Show / Hide > Line items, then select Reset on the Show / Hide panel to show all items. 

To reset all cards on your page to the default options set by the page builder, select Page options > Reset page. On the Reset this page? dialog, select Reset.