When you select data in a grid, simple automatic calculations display in the Quick Sum Bar at the bottom of the screen. The calculations displayed are CountMinMaxAverage, and Sum.

Use the quick sum bar to display the sum of the values you've selected in a grid.

The calculations operate on number-formatted cells only, apart from the Average calculation, which includes the values of all cells selected, regardless of format.

  • Count: the number of cells selected
  • Min: the lowest value selected
  • Max: the highest value selected
  • Average: the average of all the values selected
  • Sum: the total of all values selected

Empty cell values are excluded from the calculations.

The format for the display of the calculations is the format of the first line item selected.

The data selection can be:

  • a range of contiguous cells
  • a column or row of data
  • a nested selection

When you select data, all the cells highlighted, including summary cells, are included in the calculation. To ensure values are excluded from quick sum calculations, hide rows or columns before making a selection.

If your data selection consists of mixed data types, an i icon displays in the quick sum bar. Hover your cursor over the icon to display a tooltip that confirms the presence of mixed data types. The quick sum bar calculates only the data cells that are in Number format.

The quick sum bar calculates values that the server can retrieve. If that data is unavailable, the i icon displays in the quick sum bar. Click the icon to display a tooltip that advises you that there's insufficient data available to complete the calculation.