The User Administrator role enables you to centrally create and update user accounts, and add and remove users from workspaces in your organization.

As a user administrator, you can:

You can be provisioned with the User Administrator role if you are an internal user (your user account is established in your native tenant). If you're a visiting user (you are assigned to a workspace outside of your native tenant), the User Administrator role isn't available to you.

Note: You can manage user access to workspaces in three ways:

  • A user administrator can create users and assign them to, or unassign them from, a workspace in the Administration console.
  • A workspace administrator can add or remove users from the Users pane in a model.
  • A workspace administrator can import a list of users to add users and update user details.

If a user administrator and workspace administrator input conflicting changes for a user, the most recent transaction determines the user account status. 

To avoid user status conflicts, we recommend that your organization use the user administrator role to provision user access. Workspace administrators can then refine model-level access from the Users pane in a model.

Role Membership