1. Data integration
  2. Anaplan Data Integration
  3. CloudWorks

With CloudWorks, Integration administrators can import and export model data, to and from the cloud. 

To use CloudWorks you:

  • Must be assigned the Integration Admin role by someone with the Tenant Admin role
  • Need read or write access to models and workspaces associated with integrations
  • Need the permissions--read for import and, write for export, related to files in your AWS S3 bucket

Note: To build your own integrations with CloudWorks, see the CloudWorks API.

Select CloudWorks from the navigation banner drop-down menu to begin.

Anaplan Home navigation with a drop-down menu.

Integration administrators can access Anaplan model data from cloud storage services. 

To get started:

Create a new connection to access your cloud storage service. Then you can create a new integration to configure how exactly you connect. 

CloudWorks guidelines:

  • You can have a combined total of up to 100 integrations or processes per Tenant. The number of import and export actions you can include within a process is unlimited. 
  • With AWS and Azure, your individual files can be up to 1GB (both in within the CloudWorks service and in the related APIs). The limit is 3GB for BigQuery.
  • You can access up to 5,000 workspaces within a single tenant.
  • If you do not see CloudWorks from your model view, navigate back to home and then CloudWorks appears in the menu.
  • CloudWorks cannot be used by Visitors. You should create a user account in your customer's tenant to use CloudWorks.
  • CloudWorks does not support Dynamic Cell Access.