With CloudWorks, Integration administrators can import and export model data, to and from the cloud. 

CloudWorks automatically generates your export output file with your export action name and chosen file format.


  • If your export action name is Product Hierarchy
  • And the export format is comma separated values .csv
  • The output file is named Product Hierarchy.csv

If you name the export action with a format such as Product Hierarchy.csv , the output file is named Product Hierarchy.csv.csv.
To avoid the double file suffix, remove .csv from your original export action name.

To use CloudWorks you:

  • Must be assigned the Integration Admin role by someone with the Tenant Admin role.
  • Need read or write access to models and workspaces associated with your integrations.
  • Need the permissions--read for import and, write for export, related to files in your AWS S3 buckets, Google BigQuery tables, and Azure Blob containers.

Note: To build your own integrations with CloudWorks, see the CloudWorks API.

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