Reports consist of cards that you can arrange freely on slides,  to create data insights, and presentations to executives who can act on those insights.

You can create cards on personal pages, except action cards, which are not supported on personal pages.

You must open your page in designer mode. Select Edit this page

You can save your work at any time. Select Save to save as a draft. When you're ready to publish, select Publish.

You can add cards to a report page slide or the Insights panel. 

CardAdd to
TextSlide, Insights
ChartSlide, Insights
KPISlide, Insights
ImageSlide, Insights
MapSlide, Insights
ActionSlide, Insights
FieldSlide, Insights

A table card presents your tabular data on a report page such as a profit and loss statement or balance sheet. The presentation table displays up to 300 rows and up to 50 columns. To show large grids, link to a board or worksheet. When you add a table card to a report, the number of columns is fixed at the time of creation and does not change afterwards.

To add and configure a card on a report:

  1. In the Add card section of the Cards panel, double-click a tile, or drag it onto the report slide.
  2. You can resize or move your card and copy and paste cards from other slides. 
  3. With your card selected, configure your card in the Card configuration panel to the right.
    Learn how to configure each card type in the above links.
    You can continue to move and resize the card as you configure it.