As an integration administrator, you can view activity details for an integration anytime after its initial run.

To view the activity details of an import or export run:

  1. Double-click an integration in your list.
    The integration inspector menu displays.
  2. Click View Activity at the bottom of the menu.
    The Activity details display.
Activity details for an export action.
    • You can view the  Status, Description, time Last Run, Duration, and Run by.

To view further details of the integration run:

  1. Select the ellipsis ... to the right of the Run by column.
  2. Select Details from the dropdown. 
Details for an integration run. This example shows a partial failure.

Your integration may have errors. The messages are:

    • Partial import failure (to resolve, check your import setup and try again).
    • Anaplan model upload failed (to resolve, check your data setup and try again).
    • Process failure (to resolve, check your process setup and try again).
    • Partial process failure (to resolve, check your process setup and try again).

To view the failure log (also known as the dump file), select the export icon .



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