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  4. Common errors and solutions

If an error message displays while you use CloudWorks, review the list of common error scenarios and recommended solutions.

Error: integration list display

Solution: If you do not see your complete list of integrations after you switch your Workspace, you can: 

  • click the refresh icon next to Integrations
  • or refresh the browser
The buttons you can use to refresh the integration list are higlighted.

Error: export with header information and no data included

If your export only includes header information, and no data, this means that you do not have Internal (Full Access) granted to that list.
Solution: Make sure that your workspace administrator has granted Internal (Full Access) to the list associated with your export. See Create a new integration.

Error: exports of .csv or .txt 

Solution: Add .csv or .txt to your export filename. This ensures your export can be loaded with the proper file type.

Errors: failed export or import actions

Make sure your CloudWorks connection is set up properly. If your connection is not valid, or you have any server issues, you'll get the following errors. 

  • If your connection is not valid
    An Integration has failed – export test failed due to invalid Connection.
    Solution: Check your connection set-up.
  • If your server has a connectivity issue
    An Integration has failed – import test failed due to a server error.
    Solution: Check your server connectivity and status.
  • If there's an issue with the set-up of your import
    Failed import action - Incorrect file structure.
    Solution: Make sure that your import has been set up correctly.
  • If your BigQuery table column headers do contain spaces, you'll get the error Failed import action -Incorrect File structure.
    Solution: Use _ underscores rather than spaces in your table column headers. 

Errors: permission

Permission denied. when you try to access CloudWorks.

Solution: obtain the Integration Admin role. Once you have this access, log out of CloudWorks and then log back in.

Errors: process 

Process validation error. when you run a process.

Once you configure a process in CloudWorks, and the process is revised in Anaplan. This process will not run.


      • Configure a new integration in CloudWorks with the revised Anaplan process
      • Delete the older process integration in CloudWorks

Something went wrong error. when you run a process.

When you create or edit a process:

    • If the process you want to run includes a first action of either delete or update current period 
    • CloudWorks displays an error

      • Create a blank import that does not change values or import any new values into the model
      • Add this import to the start of your CloudWorks process

Your CloudWorks process configuration should run successfully. 

Error: Selective Access and exports

  • When multiple people have Selective Access set a list, and
  • When your workspace administrator grants Internal (Full Access) to the list associated with your export, an issue may arise wherein they need to regrant user access

Solution: Your workspace administrator should copy both the Write and Read data from the list's user settings. Then replace this data when they've granted Internal (Full Access) to the list.

Selective Access Users and, Write and Read columns to be copied.

Also see Integration notifications.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.