1. Modeling
  2. Work with data
  3. Delete data

Delete lists, versions, or modules from your model.

Consider the implications before you delete data. Any changes will be reflected throughout your model.

To delete data:

  1. Select Delete in the toolbar.  
  2. Select the items you want to delete. 
  • Select a single item to move it to the Items to delete panel. Select Keep to move the item back.
  • Select Delete All to move all items to the Items to delete panel. Select Keep All to move all items back.
  1. Select OK to proceed with the deletion.

If you want to delete items from a list in bulk, two additional options are provided. You can choose to:

  • Delete All Leaf Items.
    This selects and deletes all of the lowest level items in the list.
  • Delete Descendants.
    This selects and deletes the children of the current item in the list.