Use Refresh to make sure the data you use matches the data held on the server. 

As Anaplan is a collaborative online platform, another user could make changes to the same model area as you. It's important to work from the most up-to-date data so any changes you make do not impact other model builders.

Anaplan warns you if the data you're working on has been changed by another user.

Access Refresh from the dropdown Edit menu when a module is open, or the toolbar in any other model area.

Use Refresh to:

  • Instantly see the changes you make in your model. 
  • Check the changes you make don't impact other model builders and are not impacted by other model builders.
  • Update the display of a module if you change a filter rule.
  • Update a chart-based grid that has Filter, Sort, Hide, or Level-based Selections applied.

Refresh applies to all types of data items that are added manually or via import.