In a module, use Sort to arrange your rows and columns, and change the view of your data.

You can sort data either ascending or descending. Sort order applies these conventions:

  • For text and list data types, the sort order is alphanumeric, with blanks as the lowest, then punctuation marks, then numbers, then A-Z.
  • For dates, the sort order treats blanks as low, then earliest to latest.
  • If values are tied, the default order in the list is applied.
  • If a column contains a mix of data types, each data type is grouped, and then the sort is applied within the group.
  • For composite hierarchies, each level of the hierarchy is sorted separately.

To sort: 

  1. In your module, select the column or row you want to sort. 
  2. Select Sort or right-click on the column or row and select Sort from the menu.
  3. In the dialog box:
    • Set the order to Lowest to Highest or Highest to Lowest.
    • Select the level or levels to sort, summaries, details, or both.
    • Select the Totals position
  4. Make sure that the Enable sort checkbox is selected, and select OK

To edit a sort, select the column or row it applies to and select the Sort toolbar icon, or right-click on the column or row and select Sort from the menu.

To remove a sort, deselect the checkbox to the right of the Sort toolbar icon .

Note: To preserve the sort for when you next open the module, remember to save the view. Select View from the toolbar and then Save As from the dropdown menu.