Use Totals Position to move the column or row total above or below the child items, and to help users view summary data.

You can only change the totals position on rows and columns. The dimension you change the totals position for must contain totals or other types of summary method. 

This setting can be saved with the view and is independent of any sorts that are based on the data. 

Totals position follows these formatting conventions:

  • For groupings of totals, the sort is done within the peer group of totals at the same level of the hierarchy. For the options ‘totals before' and ‘totals after' the hierarchical structure remains in place, but the sort is done amongst siblings within each subtotal.
  • For the options ‘totals at start/end' all items within the same level are grouped together and sorted amongst their peer group. Levels are counted by starting at the top of the tree and working down.

To change the totals position:

  1. Select Totals Position from the toolbar.
    A dialog box displays.
  2. Select a totals position. The available options are:
    • Group at start, which positions all of your totals at the top of, or the left of, the selected axis
    • Before, which positions your totals above, or to the left of, the summarized values
    • After, which positions your totals below, or to the right of, the summarized values
    • Group at end, which positions your totals at the bottom of, or the right of, the selected axis
  3. Select OK to confirm.

You can also change the totals position when you Sort .