1. Data integration
  2. Anaplan Data Integration
  3. CloudWorks
  4. Common errors and solutions

If an error message displays while you use CloudWorks, review the list of common scenarios to find a resolution.

There are different error categories you may encounter.

Error with exports of .csv or .txt file types:

  • Add .csv or .txt to your export filename. This ensures your export can be loaded into AWS S3 with the proper file type.

Error in integration list:

  • After you switch your Workspace, if you do not see your complete list of integrations, refresh the screen. 
The buttons you can use to refresh the integration list are higlighted.
  • Use the refresh icon next to Integrations, or do a browser refresh.

CloudWorks does not support model-to-model import actions. 

  • If you your process only contains only a model-to-model import, you will get this error:
    “Connection and Data source/Target should be specified for at least one Process step”
  • If your process includes a cloud source action as well as a model-to-model import, you will get an error.