1. Anaplan User Experience
  2. Use apps and pages in the User Experience
  3. Worksheets
  4. Grid overview
  5. Open related pages from a worksheet

Use Quick links to open related pages in an app.

Page builders can provide links to pages with related data. Use these links to navigate quickly between pages.

Links to related pages display under Quick links, on the right of the worksheet.

A related page can be either a board or a worksheet.

If you open a board, you can view (but not edit) high-level information, such as charts.

If you open a worksheet, you can view, enter, or edit data in that worksheet, if your page builder has given you appropriate permissions.

You can open a related page from a worksheet you are currently viewing. When you open a related page, it displays instead of the original worksheet. To return to this worksheet, click the back arrow next to the name of the related page.

Learn how to enter data in a worksheet.

To open a related page:

Choose the page you want to open from the right-hand side of a worksheet, under the heading Quick links.

A worksheet with Quick Links highlighted in the Insights panel on the right.

To return to the original worksheet, click the back arrow next to the name of the related page.

Top right of board with board name and back arrow highlighted.


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