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  2. Excel Add-in Series 4

Use the Anaplan Excel Add-in to retrieve data from Anaplan modules and saved views into Microsoft Excel. Once retrieved, you can perform data analysis in Microsoft Excel.

Use the Excel Add-in to view and edit your Anaplan data in Excel.

You can use the Add-in as part of your Anaplan subscription with no additional fee.

Series 4 of the Excel Add-in includes new features. These include a revised upgrade experience and the ability to remap your Anaplan connections from one environment to another within the Excel Add-in.

List of features

Here is a summary of the features in the current versions of the Excel Add-in:

Features3.4 4.04.1
Release datesMar. 2020Aug. 2020Oct. 2020
Connection modes

Read-Only ConnectionYesYesYes
Read/Write Connection YesYes *Yes*
Multi-Sheet Connection YesYes Yes

Enhanced installer-YesYes
Revised upgrade-YesYes
Remap a connection-YesYes
Improved accessibility with Office Themes
Workbook Conversion
Email SupportYesRevisedRevised
Direct help access (Anapedia)YesRevisedRevised
Provide FeedbackYesRevisedRevised
Clone a connectionYesYesYes
Pivot and Filter a module connectionYesYesYes
Sign in options

Sign In with Authentication Settings (Environments)-YesYes
Sign In with Single Sign-onYesYes (with setup within the Add-in)Yes (with setup within the Add-in and Self Service SAML support)**
Sign In with Anaplan username and passwordYesYesYes

Proxy supportYesYesYes

* To turn off New Read/Write Connection for Series 4, contact Anaplan Support.

** Version 4.0 supports Self Service SAML when an existing SSO URL is redirected to a Self Service SAML provider.

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