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The MAKELINK function generates clickable links in a module.

For example, if a module contains information about products you sell, you can create links to the online store page for those products.


MAKELINK(Display text, URL)


ArgumentData typeDescription
Display textTextThe text that displays for the link. When a user clicks this text, they're taken to the link specified in the URL argument.
URLTextThe URL for the link.

The result of the MAKELINK function must be a text format line item with a text Type of Link, otherwise the link is not clickable

Syntax example

MAKELINK("Click here to view the expenses board", "https://us2a.app.anaplan.com/a/apps/app/2b12f4a4-aba0-4033-9be6-bbc77d86812d/boards/8b30567a-7edd-4c69-aeee-1b6b4ae8dc24")

In this example, the text Click here to view the expenses board is a clickable link. The link goes to an Anaplan board specified in the URL argument.


  • The MAKELINK function only works with valid HTTP (http://) or HTTPS (https://) URLs.

Excel equivalent


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This example contains a Languages list on columns, and three line items on rows. Two of the line items contain the data for the Display text and URL arguments and one contains a formula that uses this information.

Link titleEnglish landing pageFrench landing pageGerman landing pageJapanese landing pageSpanish landing page
Landing page URLhttps://www.anaplan.com/https://www.anaplan.com/fr/https://www.anaplan.com/de/https://www.anaplan.com/jp/https://www.anaplan.com/es/

Link to landing pages

MAKELINK(Link title, Landing page URL)

English landing pageFrench landing pageGerman landing pageJapanese landing pageSpanish landing page

The result of the formula in the Link to landing pages line item is a clickable link that goes to the respective landing page. You can publish a line item that uses the MAKELINK formula to a dashboard or worksheet to help users access links.


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