The WEEKDAY function converts a date to a number between one and seven, representing the day of the week.

You could use WEEKDAY to check if a transaction occurs on a weekend. 

WEEKDAY(Date [, First day of the week])

ArgumentData typeDescription
Date (required)DateThe date to return the day of the week for as a number. Returns 1 for Monday, 2 for Tuesday, and so on.
Day offsetNumber

This argument specifies which day of the week the WEEKDAY function should consider to be the first day of the week. 

For example, a value of 2 means that WEEKDAY returns a 1 for Tuesday, a 2  for Wednesday, and so on.

If omitted, a value of one is used by default.

The WEEKDAY function returns a number.

In Polaris, you can use a decimal value for the Day offset argument and it is rounded to the nearest whole number. If you use a value outside of 1 to 7, the function returns a value of 0.

In the Classic Engine, you must use a whole number for the Day offset argument.

WEEKDAY(Scheduled payment date)


In this example, a module is dimensioned by a Transactions list. The Transaction date line item has the date data type. The other line items contain formulas.

The Day of the week line item uses the WEEKDAY function with the Transaction date line item. As the First day of the week argument is omitted, 1 represents Monday, 2 represents Tuesday, and so on.

The Day of the week two days later line item also uses the WEEKDAY function. However, 3 is used for the Starting day of the week argument. This means that 1 represents Wednesday, 2 represents Thursday, and so on.

Transaction date

Day of the week

WEEKDAY(Transaction date)

Day of the week two days later

WEEKDAY(Transaction date, 3)

Transaction 00101/03/202216
Transaction 00201/04/202227
Transaction 00301/05/202231
Transaction 00401/06/202242
Transaction 00501/07/202253
Transaction 00601/08/202264
Transaction 00701/09/202275