The ISBLANK function returns true for values that are blank.

For example, you can use the ISBLANK function to determine if an employee has an active health plan.

ISBLANK(Value to test)

ArgumentData typeDescription
Value to testDate, time period, text, or listThe value to test for blankness.

The ISBLANK function returns a Boolean result.

ISBLANK(Health Plan Start Date) 

In this example, Health Plan Start Date is a line item with a date format. This function returns true if a value from the line item is empty, which means there is no Health Plan Start Date on record. 

In Polaris, the ISBLANK function considers a text value that consists exclusively of carriage return characters to be a blank value.

In the Classic Engine, the ISBLANK function considers a carriage return to be a non-blank value.


In this example, Health Plan Start Date source is period-formatted, using ISBLANK (Health Plan Start Date) will return a boolean value of true if Health Plan Start Date is blank, and false if the value is anything else.

Jan 2021Feb 2021Mar 2021Q1 FY21
Health Coverage Points7598115288
Health Plan

Employee Deduction (%Salary)003.5
Health Plan Start Date

Mar 2021
ISBLANK (Health Plan Start Date)