The DAY function returns the day from a date as a number between 1 and 31. If the day is blank, it returns 0.

For example, you can use the DAY function to extract the day of an employee's start or end date.


ArgumentData typeDescription
DateDateThe date to extract the day from.

The DAY function returns a numeric result.

DAY(DATE(2018, 1, 4))

In this example, the formula returns the number 4.


In this example, the date line items Contractor start date and Contractor end date contain start and end dates for different contractors.

The DAY(Contractor end date) formula returns the day of the date from Contractor end date.

James SmithSimon Peters
Contractor start date08/31/201909/22/2019

Contractor end date

ADDMONTHS(Contractor start date, 6)


Contractor end day

DAY(Contractor end date)