The LOWER function converts text values to lowercase.

LOWER(Text [, Locale])

ArgumentData typeDescription
Text (required)TextThe text to make lowercase.

The locale to use. Only has an effect with certain languages.

The available locales are based on ISO 639 and ISO 3166 codes.

The LOWER function returns a text value.

LOWER(Customer comments)

The Locale argument accepts ISO language codes that correspond to the locales available in Java 8. You can use either:

  • Two letter ISO 639 language codes such as en, fr, de, or tr.
  • Four letter codes made of both ISO 639 language codes and ISO 3166 country codes such as en-us, fr-be, de-at, or tr-tr. However you must replace the hyphen (-) with an underscore (_) in Anaplan, so these become en_us, fr_be, de_at, and tr_tr respectively.

The Locale argument only has an effect on certain languages. For example, Turkish, which is represented by the tr code. In Turkish, there are four versions of the character i. Lowercase and uppercase versions, both with and without a dot.

In Polaris, you cannot use the Locale argument with the LOWER function.

In the Classic Engine, you can use the Locale argument.


This example has a Territory list on columns, and two line items on rows. The first line item contains the product categories sold in each region. The second line item contains a formula that uses LOWER to make the product categories lowercase, for use in another system.

New YorkSan FranciscoLondonYorkTokyoOsaka
Product categoriesAccessories, Footwear, Innerwear, Outerwear, Sports EquipmentAccessories, Footwear, Sports equipment, Accessories, Footwear, Innerwear, Outerwear, Sports EquipmentOuterwear, Sports EquipmentAccessories, Footwear, Innerwear, Outerwear, Sports EquipmentAccessories, Outerwear, Sports Equipment

Lowercase product categories

LOWER(Product categories)

accessories, footwear, innerwear, outerwear, sports equipmentaccessories, footwear, sports equipment,accessories, footwear, innerwear, outerwear,  sports equipmentouterwear, sports equipmentaccessories, footwear, innerwear, outerwear, sports equipmentaccessories, outerwear, sports equipment

In this example, a module contains a list of languages on columns. The are two line items on rows, one that contains international characters, and another that uses the LOWER function to make them lowercase. 

Accented characterCyrillicGreekChineseJapaneseKorean
Uppercase characterÅЖΨ

Lowercase character

LOWER(Uppercase character)


The LOWER function works with most languages without the Locale argument. However, it has no effect on certain languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, as these languages do not have uppercase or lowercase characters.

If you use the LOWER function with a text string that contains an uppercase I and use the tr_tr code for the Locale argument, the result contains a lowercase i without a dot, ı.

LOWER("I", tr)

The result of this formula is ı.