The SPREAD function divides a value evenly over a number of time periods. 

SPREAD(Value to divide, Number of time periods)

ArgumentData typeDescription
Value to divideNumberThe value to be spread across the time periods.
Number of time periodsNumberThe number of time periods to spread the value over. 

The SPREAD function returns numeric values. 

  • You cannot have a decimal value for the number of time periods.
  • The Value to divide and Number of time periods arguments must have the same Time range.

In Polaris, you cannot use SPREAD in formulas of line items with a formula summary method. In the Classic Engine, you can.


Jan 19Feb 19Mar 19Apr 19May 19Jun 19
Value to spread10 00004000000


SPREAD(Value to spread, 4)


From the example above, the value 10000 is entered into the Value to spread cell for Jan 19 and is spread over the next 4 months.

When an additional value of 4000 is added in Mar 19, the value is also spread over the next 4 months. The overlapping months are summed to provide a final figure.