The TEXT function converts numeric values to text.

For example, you can use the TEXT function to convert numeric values to text values for use in other functions that require text-based arguments.

TEXT(Number to convert)


ArgumentData typeDescription
Number to convertNumberThe value to convert to text.

The TEXT function returns a text result.

Additional information

Results for numbers less than 0.001 display in computerized scientific notations. For example, TEXT(0.0001) = '1.0E-4'.

Calculation engine functionality differences

In Polaris, the TEXT function returns a text value of NaN when used with the numerical value NaN.

In the Classic Engine, the TEXT function returns a blank value when you use it with the numerical value value NaN (Not a Number).

Excel equivalent




In this example, Revenue is a numeric line item.

The formula converts the values of the Revenue line item to be text values. As a result, the line item contains numbers as text and is available for use in text functions such as LEFT and RIGHT.


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