The END function returns the last date of a time period. 

This function is useful if you want to calculate maturity dates or due dates that fall on the last day of the month. 

END([Time period]) 

ArgumentData typeDescription
Time period (optional)Time period

The time period used to find the end date from. 

If you do not include an argument, END returns the last date of each period within the source module's time dimension. 

The END function returns a date value. 

The format used to display the date depends on your OS/browser settings. For example, the U.S. date format displays the month before the day (mm/dd/yyyy).

Note: If the time period is blank, the result is blank.

The example below shows END( ). No argument is used and the module is time period formatted for months. 

Jan 14Feb 15

Period End Date

END( )


The example below shows END with the Time period argument. End Month is formatted for months and End Quarter is formatted for quarters.

Key DatesExpiry Dates
Month PeriodFeb 14Apr 16
Quarter PeriodQ2 FY14Q3 FY16

End Month

END(Month Period)


End Quarter

END(Quarter Period)


The final example below shows END with a hard-coded argument. 

Key DatesExpiry Dates
Month PeriodFeb 14Apr 15
Quarter PeriodQ2 FY14Q3 FY14

End Date Absolute