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The MIN function returns the minimum from a set of values. For a number, it returns the minimum value. For a date, it returns the earliest date.

For example, you could enter a numerical constant in the MIN function to apply a cap to a set of values.


MIN(Value to compare, Value to compare 2, [etc.])


ArgumentData typeDescription
Value to compare (required)Number, date

The values to search for the minimum value. Returns the lowest number or earliest date.

All values must be of the same data type.

This argument can be repeated to provide multiple values for comparison. It must be provided a minimum of two times.

The MIN function returns a result of the same data type as the Value to compare arguments.

Syntax example

MIN(P1, 100, P2 / 2)

This formula would return the lowest value from between:

  • The value of P1
  • 100
  • The value of P2 divided by two.

Additional information

The MIN function ignores empty cells, but includes zero values.

Excel equivalent


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Use MIN to apply a cap to a set of values

In this example, a module has an Employees list on columns, and line items on rows. The first line item is Sales, which shows the amount of sales each employee generated. The next line item, Sales bonus, calculates each employee's bonus, which is 20% of sales, with a limit of $5,000.

Ludwig VBAmadeus MClara SFelix M

Sales bonus

MIN((Sales * 0.2), 5000)


General number example

In this example, a module is dimensioned by Time and line items. The first five line items contain the monthly salary costs for different departments. The final line item contains a formula that determines which department incurs the lowest salary cost each month.

Jan 21Feb 21March 21

Lowest departmental salary costs

MIN(Sales, Production, Executive, Finance, HR)


General date example

In this example, a module is dimensioned by the Products list and line items. The first four line items contain product release dates for different regions, which have the date data type. The final line item contains a formula that determines the earliest product release for each product among each region.

Monet dressRenoir dressPicasso topCezanne sweatpantsMatisse pumps
N America01/04/202101/04/202112/07/2021
S America07/05/202123/05/202119/07/202119/07/202121/07/2021
Asia Pacific12/06/202112/06/202112/06/202112/07/202128/07/2021

Earliest global release date

MIN(N America, S America, Europe, ASia Pacific)