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Use the NAME function to convert data from a list item to text.


NAME(List item)


ArgumentData typeDescription
List itemListThe list item to convert to text.

The NAME function returns a text result.

Syntax example

NAME (Month period)

This returns the month period as a text string where month period is the line item and the result is the name of the month.


The function has no constraints.

Excel Equivalent 



Use NAME with Time

This example shows how you can use the NAME function to return a text formatted line item from the Time list. 

The module is displaying the months for 2020.

The NAME calculation function is applied to the line item Month Period formatted as Time>Month and returns the Period Name Month as a line item formatted as text:

NAME(Month Period)

The module, Accounts Period, displays the Key Dates and Expiry Dates for a company's accounts.

The line items are:

Key Dates

Expiry Dates

The line items and their formats are:

Period Name Month (text format)

Month Period (time format; Month)
where the month periods are editable cells.

The formula NAME(Month Period) identifies the Month for the Month Period the line item. It then converts the data type from a list item formatted line item to a text.

The result displays in the Key Dates and Expiry Dates columns for the Period Name Month line item.

Source model

Period Name Month: NAME(Month Period)

Accounts period

Key DatesExpiry Dates

Period Name Month

NAME(Month Period)

Feb 20Apr 20
Month PeriodFeb 20Apr 20

Use NAME with another function

You can use NAME with another function. This example shows how you can use NAME to return the name of a product in text format. 


In this example, a company is looking at the Product Margins for their clothing products. 

The module is called Product Margins. The list is called Products and its list items are the different types of clothing the company produces. These are:






The line items are:

Annual Purchase

Annual Sales

Product Season

Annual Margin

Product Name

The list items for Products are the columns and the line items are the rows. 

The function, NAME references the line item, Product Name. The formula is: 


The formula uses two functions; ITEM and NAME.

The ITEM function picks up the list item and then the NAME function is applied to convert that list item to text. It returns the text equivalent of the list item. 

In summary, the NAME function specifies the name of the product as text.

Source model

Product Margins

Annual Purchase328,765238,976348,432349,876467,831
Annual Sales404,876289,743401,239378,765502,349
Product SeasonSummerSummerFallFallSummer
Rank clothing with same season46463
Annual Margin76,11150,76752,80728,88934,518

Product Name



The Product Name items are text.