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The PARENT function returns the parent item of list items and time periods.

For example, you can use PARENT to see which quarter a month belongs to.


PARENT(Child value)


ArgumentData typeDescription
Child valueList, time period

The list or time period to return the parent of.

If the item has no parent, the function returns a blank value.

The PARENT function returns a value of the same data type as the Child value argument. However, the level within the list hierarchy is different.

Syntax example

PARENT(Time.'Jan 21')

This example uses the ITEM function to return the parent of January 2021. In this case it would return a result of Q1 FY21.

Calculation engine functionality differences

In Polaris, the parent of Years within the Time list is All Periods.

In the Classic Engine, the parent of Years is Years.

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Example usage with a list

In this example, there are two lists, Outlets and its parent list Territories. The relationship of these lists is shown in the table below as they display in General Lists.

Outlet A1Territory A
Outlet A2Territory A
Territory ATotal
Outlet B1Territory B
Outlet B2Territory B
Territory BTotal

New Outlet 1

New Outlet 2

In the table below, three columns are line items and the rows are items from the Outlets list.

The Parent Territory line item has the list data type, and the Territories list is selected. The line item uses a formula that contains the PARENT and ITEM functions with the Outlets list. The ITEM function returns the list item for the Outlets list, and the PARENT function returns the parent of that list item, which is the territory.

The formula returns a blank result for the New Outlet 1 and New Outlet 2 list items as they do not have a parent.

Allocation %Forecast

Parent Territory


Outlet A160.0%120,000Territory A
Outlet A240.0%80,000Territory A
Territory A100.0%200,000
Outlet B175.0%150,000Territory B
Outlet B225.0%50,000Territory B
Territory B100.0%200,000
New Outlet 130.0%60,000
New Outlet 270.0%140,000

Example usage with time periods

In the table below, the rows are line items and the columns are items from the Project Dates list.

The formula used in the Parent Quarter line item uses the PARENT function to return the parent of each month in the Month Period line item. For time periods, quarters are the parent of months, so the formula returns the quarter that the month belongs to.

Start dateExpiry date
Month periodFeb 21Apr 21

Parent Quarter

PARENT(Month period)

Q1 FY21Q2 FY21