1. Modeling
  2. Control user access

In Anaplan, you can control access to models and functions at both workspace and model level.

Some features are only available to workspace administrators. Consult the Access summary table(opens external page) to compare features available at different levels of access. 

Workspace level

At the workspace level you can add or delete users from a workspace. You can also designate users as workspace administrators. 

Workspace administrators have access to a broad range of functions. They can amend settings on both the Contents and the Settings tab to:

  • Create new user accounts, either manually or via an import
  • Create new roles and administer existing roles
  • Access all model management functions, for the creation and administration of models
  • Control access to all roles and models in a workspace
  • Designate whether users have administrator access
  • Control Single Sign-on functionality for all users
  • Model management functions are only available to workspace administrators

If you’re not a workspace administrator, only the Contents tab displays. You can only access models to which a workspace administrator has given you access.

Model level

You can use role to control user access on a model-by-model basis. The role assigned to a user controls which models they can access and the permissions they have in those models. Two default roles are available for each model in a workspace: Full Access and No Access.

For more information about how to create a role, assign roles to users, and configure access permissions for roles, see Roles.

As a workspace administrator, you can:

User ID

Anaplan assigns an identification number (ID) to every user when you create their account. You can either manually add a user or import a list of users to create new accounts.

The user ID provides a unique identifier when you import a list of users.

As a workspace administrator, you can view the IDs for every user in your workspace. IDs display in the User ID column under Model Settings > Users. You cannot edit user IDs.